Wow, these shorts are snug!

It’s been a few days since my last post, but I haven’t forgotten about this blog, even though I’m fairly certain no one reads it.

I’m up to W3D1 of One Hour Runner, which is to say that I’ve done a bunch of 30 minute runs and still have a few to go before I start adding more distance. I backed off on the pace a bit, and that has seemed to help with achieving the daily goal. That and the fact that the weather has cooled slightly. I’d like to get my pace down under 9:30/mile, and I’m not far off from that now.

I went shopping at my favorite designer clothing store, Ross Dress for Less, and found two pairs of Champion running shorts for $6.99 and another pair of New Balance shorts for $8.99. This was really awesome because I had been running in long, unlined mesh basketball shorts from Target, and as my runs have gotten longer they’ve started to rub things in a bad way. I bought all three and didn’t bother to try them on until I got home. The NB shorts seemed uncomfortably snug, but I figured I would lose a few pounds and fit into them later. It occurred to me this morning to look a bit more closely at the tag, and doing so confirmed my sudden suspicion that they were women’s running shorts.

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