Running for T-Shirts, Part Deux

You (the nonexistent reader) may remember that I ran an extra day last week because Nike was doing a T-Shirt Challenge. Due partially to my extra effort and more substantially to the low number of challengers that actually completed the requirements, I won! I got an email from Nike this morning:

Hi Nike+ Runner!
Congratulations! You’re a Winner in the Nike+ Human Race T-Shirt Challenge on
As a result of your hard work, you’ve won a limited edition Human Race T-Shirt!
If you are a high school or collegiate student-athlete, acceptance of the prize may compromise your ability to play high school, NCAA College or other amateur sports.  You are solely responsible for determining whether acceptance of the prize will affect your amateur athletic eligibility.
In order to receive your prize, we’ll need you to provide your mailing address and t-shit size (Women’s XS through L, and Men’s S through XL).  Please reply to this email within the next 5 days to confirm your receipt of this notification.  Should we not hear from you within 5 days, you’ll be removed from the winners list and your shirt will be given away to the next winner.
Again, congratulations.  We can’t wait to hear from you!
Important Amateur Athlete Disclosure.
NIKE reserves the right in selecting potential winners and in awarding the prizes to take into consideration anything that may compromise a student or amateur athlete’s ability to play high school, NCAA College, or other amateur sports. In addition, if a potential winner currently participates, or plans to participate, in a school-sponsored or amateur organized sport, receiving anything of value for participation in this Sweepstakes may affect his/her eligibility, both immediately and in the future.  NIKE suggests you also check with any local team organizations with respect to similar amateur prohibitions.
Please see the Official Rules for additional terms and conditions.

Wait, what’s that, they want my t-shit size?

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