New Month, New Goals

Yesterday, I completed all of the goals that I set for the last four-week period, so I set all new goals for the next four weeks:

  • Run 15 times.
  • Run 60 miles.
  • Burn 8000 calories.
  • Complete 5 runs at a pace of 9:20/mile or better.

All of these goals are due by 10/30, and they’re built around my training schedule for the same period.

To start it off, and to get in a run for the current T-Shirt Challenge, I went out did two miles this morning. It was another beautiful, chilly morning, 62° here in Phoenix. I was actually shivering for the first quarter mile. I finished the two miles at a pace of 9:19/mile, so it goes toward all of those goals.

I think I’ve finally gotten my Nike+ sensor calibrated properly. It was dead on with Runkeeper this time.

This weekend is looking pretty busy, but I’m going to try to go see Zombieland at some point. It has a very high rating on the Tomatometer for a zombie flick, so I have high hopes for some quality zombietainment.

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