Tenacious with a capital T!

For some reason, yesterday morning’s run didn’t sync properly on nikerunning.com. It showed up in my dashboard and applied to my goals, but did not show up in my list of runs, and more importantly it did not apply toward any of my challenges. I emailed Nike+ support about the issue, and they said that if it didn’t show up in 48 hours they’d have their IT department look into it. Not being content to let it go, I got dressed and did a one mile run last night (8:27) to be sure to get credit for the day on the T-Shirt Challenge. When I synced that run, not only did it propagate everywhere, it seemed to force the morning run through as well. All’s well that ends well.

We tried to go see Zombieland last night, but the theater smelled like it was already full of the undead. We traded our tickets for passes, and we’re going to try again Sunday morning at a different theater in the same chain.

This morning was week 7, day 2 of OHR. I did 3.68 miles in 34 minutes. I didn’t quite meet my pace goal, but I’ve got plenty of short runs left in the month for that.

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