The Finish Line is Just Another Starting Line

My apologies, nonexistent readers, for not updating you in almost a week. Most of the week was spent icing my shin or knee and trying to keep both elevated, so there wasn’t much to report.

On Thursday, I felt well enough to run again, but I decided to leave the hydration belt I hate behind and just see how my leg and all of its sore components felt. The answer was, they felt better. I did start feeling a little bit of shin splint after about ten minutes, but after another half mile it loosened up and felt fine. I was supposed to do a forty-five minute run, but without any hydration or nutrition I settled for thirty-one minutes and 3.26 miles.

Between Thursday and Saturday, I picked up the Nathan Speedbelt 4 that I talked about getting the last post. I loaded up the bottles with water and electrolyte replacement drink and set out Saturday morning to run the Nike+ Human Race 10k. That belt is light-years better than the other one. It doesn’t bounce around at all, and I barely even noticed it.  There is a small pouch on the front that’s perfect for a bag of sport beans, of which I ate a small handful every two kilometers. About 400 meters from the finish I felt a twinge in a rather personal adductor muscle, but I kept going because I was so close to the end. This was my longest run so far, and it was tough, but I finished it in 1:00:09.  That completes the One Hour Runner program, which segues directly into my half-marathon training program.

Remember that Shoes Challenge I was logging runs for? I WON! THEY’RE SENDING ME SHOES! I don’t know what shoes they are, but I’ll probably just put them on the shelf until I mile out my Equalons.

After I recovered from my Saturday run, we went to the State Fair using the pass I got from my last 5k. We had a good time, enjoyed the fair food and saw all the animals (I saw a lot of mutton that didn’t know it was mutton, yet).

Sometime over the last week, I went green on Nikerunning. Which is cool, but it means that I have 465 miles to go until I hit blue.

This is probably a good time to mention that I’ve signed on with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Make Cures Happen program. I’m hoping to raise $1000 for research into blood cancers, and everyone reading this blog can help. No donation too small, and no donation too big.

2 thoughts on “The Finish Line is Just Another Starting Line

  1. Glad the hydration belt is working better!!! I have to admit I am impressed that you will set the shoes aside and wait. I would want to put them on and test them out.signed,your existent reader

  2. I said I'd put the new shoes on the shelf mostly for my own benefit; I'm sure I'll be tempted to start using them right away. I have ~150 miles left on my Equalons, which should get me through December if I stay on track.

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