My life has taken a tumble

When I restarted my blog last month, my goal was to post on a roughly weekly basis the happenings in my life. I had no idea, though, that within two weeks I would watch my life slide out of view, and along the way I would be forced to appreciate the simplest elements; abilities, privileges and states that I took for granted just days earlier.

GiraffeA week after the Cinco de Quatro, I was hospitalized with Guillain-Barre syndrome. I published the Dark iTunes post that had been sitting in draft status for months just to have some new content out while I spent twelve days in the hospital. Now that I’m home and recovering, I’m going to write a short series on my experience. Maybe it will be interesting to the few people that follow along, or maybe I’m just talking to myself for catharsis.

Life will be different in our little family. The events of the last three weeks will have a permanent impact, even if it’s too early to tell what the impact will be.

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