Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Mr Loco gave his perspective of our days at home. Here is my perspective as Mrs Loco, caregiver.

As we left the hospital, I was on one hand elated to have my husband back and on the other hand terrified to be in charge of his care.

The first point of stress was as I drove us home. It took over two hours to fill all of the various prescriptions at multiple pharmacies. I had a husband who could not tolerate sitting up for long periods of time. He was in obvious pain as he began to sweat and shake from being forced into a seated position. I also had a baby that was DONE riding around gathering drugs.

The second point of stress was attempting to get in the house. I now had a baby that was crying because she wanted to eat. I had a dog running around in circles because his favorite person was home after 12 days and he wanted dinner. I had a husband sitting in the heat in a wheelchair while I attempted to figure out how to get him in the front door. I couldn’t do it. Three measly inches separated Mr Loco from getting into our house. I could not get the frickin’ wheelchair through the door. I tried backwards and forwards, all with no luck. The baby was crying, the dog was whining and I admit to bursting into tears.  I sent a text message to our neighbors. It read “Is anyone around? I can’t get Mr Loco in the front door. Can someone help me before I lose my shit?” One neighbor to the rescue and we were all in the house.

I just wanted everyone to stay safely on the bed! Is that too much to ask?
I just wanted everyone to stay safely on the bed! Is that too much to ask?

The third point of stress that would last the entire time Mr Loco was home: He had this crazy notion he was going to move around and get better. He wanted to MOVE around the house. You know, he was going to go to the bathroom and take a shower and move from the bedroom to the living room. Every transfer made me nervous. Every wobbly movement had me holding my breath.

The final point of stress was getting us all out the door for doctor appointments. Oh the doctor appointments! In 16 days we went to 9 appointments.  Each of these visits required much preparation before leaving the house.

  • Showers for adults, diaper bag fully stocked, everyone fed including baby nursed, potty break for the dog and diaper change for the baby. Stage One: Complete!
  • Pull the car out and cool it off, put Baby Loco in her car seat along with diaper bag and baby carrier, get Mr Loco into the car, pack up the walker and wheelchair and heft them in the back of the car. Stage Two: Completed
  • Drive to appointment, unload walker and wheelchair, get Mr Loco out of car, put walker away,  put baby in carrier, put diaper bag on back Stage Three: Completed
  • Repeat to get back home.

Things were not always at stress level HIGH, but I never fell back into my normal relaxed and comfortable state.

What made those days manageable?

First of all, Mr. Loco is amazingly awesome. He had a positive attitude through this whole venture. He knew to be careful or at least he knew he needed to follow my directions or he would be chained to the bed. (I kid, I kid) The fact that through everything we were a solid team and our easy going relationship didn’t skip a beat made a sucky situation manageable.  Ahhh, LOVE!

We had a great team for home health care. Having a physical therapist come to the house almost daily was nice. It gave me a mini break from being in charge and it gave Mr Loco more exercises and skills to move safely around the house. He was getting stronger and more coordinated and it was great to see. He was exhausted but each day a little stronger.

We had dinners and groceries brought to us by friends. Since I was spending my days running around taking care of us this was a huge help. I didn’t have to think about making dinner in the rush of the evening. We could sit down and share a meal. I am so very thankful for each one of those meals and each one of those friends that helped us out.

Humor: We joked and laughed a lot.

Baby Loco: She still needed all of the things she needed before this medical journey began. She kept me focused on the tasks at hand and brought smiles and happiness to everyone. All you need is to inhale a deep breath of sweet baby to calm down and remember what is important.

I baked. Every single time I got stressed I baked chocolate chip cookies. I baked A LOT of cookies.

We were just starting to get a handle on things after life seemed to skid sideways just before mother’s day. Father’s day was fast approaching. What was in store for Mr Loco now?

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