Gifts from Daddy

Loco Fun
Loco Fun

Baby Loco and her daddy had a very special bond. She had spent days with him in the hospital ((37 days averaging 10-12 hours each day) and they spent loads of time together after work and on weekends. They both loved spending time with each other- at the children’s museum, walking out front in the wagon, spinning around until dizzy or riding on daddy’s shoulders. Mr Loco played with Baby Loco in ways I would have never dreamed up and she loved every minute of it. We were completely on the same page when it came to how we wanted to parent Baby Loco. We read several of the same books, shared articles with each other, read aloud to each other and talked a lot about Baby Loco. We were on the same page and we complimented each other and their unique style. Baby Loco was not going to be short on being exposed to great literature, geek culture and technology. I hope to do her daddy justice when it comes to video games, music, and all things related to logic and debate.

Mr Loco was a practical guy, it is just who he was, but when he was in a store by himself, he always tended to come home with a present for Baby Loco. Run an errand at Target, come home with a Batman apron, buy fruit at Costco come home with a giraffe chair, and his favorite thing was to make Baby Loco custom tees. She had a roller derby ensemble that he put together himself. (Roller Derby post to come) He also created an Amazon wish list of items just for Baby Loco. When he would place an order he would often add a little something for her. It was always fun to see what little surprises he wanted to share with her. 


Le Petit Chaperon: Mr Loco liked making Baby Loco custom t-shirts
Le Petit Chaperon: Mr Loco liked making Baby Loco custom t-shirts
The Batman apron he resisted the first time but had to go back and buy for Baby Loco
The Batman apron he resisted the first time but had to go back and buy for Baby Loco



It was no surprise when I got home from the hospital in the middle of the night and there was a package on the front porch. I immediately opened it and found the most perfect and spectacular pair of Hop on Pop Converse.  IMG_3422Mr Loco LOVED his giant size 13 converse. He was proud to have regained enough foot control to slide those bad boys on again. Mr Loco found the converse on Amazon and sent me a link to his exact pair in tiny Baby Loco sizes. He wanted them. Moments later I received another message that there were Hop on Pop converse available in her size. Mr Loco loved converse and he LOVED reading Dr Seuss to Baby Loco. He did not confirm his purchase but I was not at all surprised that he could not resist. The fact that Mr Loco would not have the pleasure of seeing Baby Loco sport her new kicks made me burst into tears. The fact that this little gift arrived after Mr Loco’s accident made me smile a little. He was always thinking of us. Always. Baby Loco may just have a pair of converse in her size at all times. Mrs Loco may need a pair as well.


Hop on Pop Converse from Mr. Loco
Hop on Pop Converse from Mr. Loco
Every baby needs a good set of band tees!


What I didn’t expect was the package that arrived a few days later. A tiny 2T Rush T-shirt arrived in the mail. Mr Loco has seen Rush numerous times. He has a friend that was a great fan. They took turns buying tickets and he always had a great time. The last time he went to a concert, Baby Loco was just weeks old. She wore her Rush shirt during the memorial for her dad. He would have been pleased.



Since the memorial I have purchased a few items from his wish list and will eventually get Baby Loco those items from her daddy.

One thought on “Gifts from Daddy

  1. I have never seen Andy look happier than he has these last couple of years.
    His time in the hospital with GBS and recovery helped him make the most of the time he had left with his little loco angel, Ruby, and Michelle.

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