The Roller Derby

I went to the roller derby for the first time without Mr Loco. He was a volunteer EMT for the Desert Dolls Roller Derby from their first season. There are three points I want to make with this blog post.

AndySheriff name removed1. Giving Back- Volunteering was just part of who Mr Loco was. We talked about ways we could give back as a family. We wanted giving back to be something that was at the core of our family and to have it be something that was always a part of Baby Loco’s life. We made a list each year of organizations that were important to us for monetary donations. We also brainstormed a few really easy ways we could give back and show kindness (like always buying the drink for the people behind us at Starbucks) and a few ways to volunteer as a family.  Mr Loco volunteered for years with the Sheriff’s Department. He was currently volunteering with the Desert Dolls Roller Derby. We found a volunteer Meet Up group that had just been created called Good Without God. The focus was doing good deeds and helping others because it is just the right thing to do. We liked the idea of an organized venture with a group of people.  Mr Loco did good things because it was just the right thing to do. He cared about other people. That is one of many the reasons why I loved him so. We had to put volunteering on hold as we dealt with GBS in 2013. We were on the receiving end of help in the form of meals, help with our dog and yard and groceries being delivered to our house. IMG_3720 Volunteering was something we still talked about. It was one of the reasons Mr Loco worked so hard to get better. We had brainstormed a few ideas. He was so glad that he was able to start volunteering again with the roller derby. He was proud. He set goals. He wanted to walk before Baby Loco started walking. He wanted to drive. He wanted to be able to do patient care again. That meant being able to get down on his knees and work. He worked hard to be able to get back to what he loved doing: helping others.He loved going to the roller derby each month. He enjoyed roller derby, the people and being able to share those things with us as a family. Now I am left to brainstorm what Baby Loco and I can do to give back, if even in a little way. I have a few ideas, some new and a few ideas that Mr Loco and I were throwing around.  As Baby Loco grows I am sure she will have her own ideas about how we can give back. I look forward to seeing the giving spirit her dad had come out in her.

The Bout
The Bout

2. The Roller Derby- Why the roller derby? HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE ROLLER DERBY???? It is fun! The women are amazing. I was happy to have Baby Loco spend an evening a month with these women. Roller Derby brings out the feminist in me and makes me want to chant GIRL POWER! Who wouldn’t want to have their little girls around a bunch of strong, passionate women who are embracing their bodies and using their unique traits to their advantage on the track. They love what they are doing and it shows. They work hard and they have fun. These are all positive messages that we wanted to share with Baby Loco as she grows from baby to adult. We wanted to surround her with amazing people including a lot of strong women.

Code Monkey
Code Monkey

IMG_23653.  Saying Thank You- This evening at the roller derby both teams took a knee and there was a moment of silence for Mr Loco. Baby Loco and I accepted shirts with Mr Loco’s derby name and number on them. We were supported by 30 people who are not normally derby goers. They were there to show their love for the Loco family. It felt good. Mr Loco was so kind and would have been honored that they took the time to thank him. I am grateful that Mr Loco had a great place to volunteer, a place that made him feel welcome, connected and happy. That he volunteered with people he enjoyed spending time with and that everyone was so welcoming. This will not be our last roller derby.

Sporting our Code Monkey tees
Sporting our Code Monkey tees

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