Our Story- The High School Edition

It took 18 years, but we got there.

To match what Mr Loco talked about in a previous post- here we go with the Mrs Loco version as best I can recollect. I read through all of our text messages when I got into Mr Loco’s computer and realized he saved them. I still am blown away that he has all of our messages. I just read all of our Facebook messages going back to when we signed up for Facebook. I will eventually read through our email as well. There are A LOT of email. SO MANY EMAIL! They could fill a book alone. We tended to jump around communication methods. A conversation would start on Facebook and jump to text or email or vice versa. Mr Loco was an amazing friend. He listened and offered advice when you wanted advice. He paid attention. He was funny. He remembered details. He noticed things that others would just pass by….he was remarkable.  I am happy that so much of the beginning of our relationship is recorded electronically. I can  hear Mr Loco’s voice as I read messages. If only I had recordings of the hours and hours we spent on the phone and on Skype. I am very grateful that technology let us communicate so much and in so many ways. We really did create a solid foundation for our relationship. We discussed absolutely everything before we even kissed. I will share bits and pieces of our story. I am not sure if I will go in order or if I will just write about whatever is in my head at the time. There are lots of good stories:

  • When I ran a marathon and injured myself
  • Our first kiss
  • Running a whole slew of races together
  • Getting engaged in the middle of the night
  • Hiking together
  • The night before we got married
  • Our cross-country drive followed by another cross-country drive 8 months later
  • The night we found out we were expecting
  • The birth of our daughter

There are so many stories to tell.

In my memory book from high school there is a picture of Mr Loco playing the guitar and singing on the “That Special Name” page. It says: laid back, fun, didn’t care what others thought, took me to my favorite place: the airport, sent me flowers ❤ ❤ ❤

I wrote to Mr Loco in his yearbook on the page where I was voted best friends with a girlfriend I am still great friends with today: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy….put your left foot in, put your left foot out…Mr Loco is tall and thin, my friend, my hero. You’re my best friend, just glue your face below. I love you Mr Loco. You’re my hero. Never forget me.I’ll get you back someday. Write me [address] KIT [phone number] ❤ Mrs Loco

Mr Loco wrote the following in my yearbook: MrsLoco, If anybody ever says to you “I know we haven’t known each other very long but I feel I can really open up to you.” what they’re really saying is “I am a whirlwind of dysfunction and you will be my packmule.” Sir Loco, Court of the Rectangular Table, Richmond

I would love to go back and figure out what we were actually thinking….or maybe just put us in a room and say, kiss already! I think we both didn’t quite know what to do when it came to each other.

I was awkward in high school. What can I say? I liked boys. I didn’t know what to do with that “like”. SO AWKWARD! I adored Mr Loco. He was kind and smart and funny. Yes, he sent me flowers and all I said was thank you. Can I remind you that I was AWKWARD!!!!!! I have very clear memories of him in high school. I remember that night at the haunted house holding his hand. I remember exactly what he was wearing at the car wash fundraiser. I remember going for coffee with him at a local coffee house. My strongest memory from that time period is the night before I left for college. Mr Loco and another friend picked me up and we went to the airport. My favorite thing at the time was to listen to planes take off and land. Mr Loco indulged me. We spent the evening talking about everything and just enjoying each others company. I remember him as comfort and smiles and good times. I remember him coming to visit me at Western. It was a complete surprise. Yes, I ran downstairs and gave Mr Loco a huge hug. It was a surprise. It made me happy. Mr Loco always did. We chatted about school. He could only stay a short time and off he went. Why did it not dawn on me that Mr Loco just “dropped by” my university and happened to find my dorm to just “say hi”….and if he did that HE MIGHT BE A LITTLE INTO ME?!?!?! This thought did not cross my mind at all. Where were my friends from now that pointed out that it was obvious that we should be together? It didn’t dawn on me until years later that he REALLY liked me. YEARS AND YEARS LATER. As I write this, I am baffled my the level of stupidity I brought to the situation. SERIOUSLY! Mr Loco and I talked about missing out on those years. We would each get frustrated that we missed out on so much time together. That we belonged together but it took 18 years for things to “click” into place. We decided that we couldn’t focus on the past. If we got together way back when, it may not have worked out. We learned lots of lessons along the way. When we got together, WE WERE SO READY TO BE TOGETHER. We were so stupidly happy. We decided to focus on the time we did have and to make as many memories as we could. Mr Loco said “Relationships are built on shared experiences.” We crammed a lot of shared experiences into our time together.


I did indeed run in the Urban Dare with a friend. We did indeed talk about Mr Loco on the drive home from Pittsburgh. She had been pointing out that I was more than smitten and I should do something about it. Actually, she had noticed him on my Facebook and said “What about this Mr Loco guy????!!! He is funny.” Her husband decided we should date after Mr Loco made a Chuck Palahniuk reference in a comment on Facebook. An ex-boyfriend’s aunt sent me a Facebook message asking who this Mr Loco was and why we were not dating. My reply was something like: He lives in Arizona and he has a girlfriend. Her reply to me was “Those things can change.” Here was someone in California noticing our little spark on Facebook before I really admitted to it myself.
Back to the Urban Dare- I was a hot mess when it came to Mr Loco. I WAS a smitten kitten. We were such good friends that saying anything terrified me. There was so much history there. My friend gave me an assignment that I just needed to “put it out there” and just see what happens. I needed to send him a message the next day. We arrived safely back in Michigan and I went to bed thinking about what I was going to say. I took my assignment seriously because that Facebook message went out that next morning….May 1st. Mr Loco copied and pasted my exact message into the book he was writing. I tried to be subtle but hoped he would sort of get what I was saying. He reply to me was basically a “thanks” just like I said when he gave me flowers in high school. OK, really he had a nice conversation with me but I translated it to “Thanks a lot. I have been waiting to get you back for that “Thanks” you gave me in high school”. He had returned the exact sentiment 18 years later. We talked about this after the fact and he “got” exactly what I was saying. It came through loud and clear. It made him smile but he wasn’t sure what to do with this information. As always we each had separate lives in different states and our own daily grind.  I hated putting myself out there, even just the tiniest bit that I did. I was scared that he would say “Thanks, but no thanks”. I consider myself the luckiest since he welcomed me with open arms.

I miss that face.

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