Running Without My Partner

I just registered for Pat’s Run. I can’t believe I did it, but it seemed like the right thing to do. I was planning on doing it before life turned sideways. Mr Loco and I talked about it. He was going to test out his new role as cheerleader and baby wrangler while I ran the race. A fellow mommy mentioned the idea to me and really encouraged me. I will be running along side her…or more likely she will be dragging me to the finish line out of breath and in tears. 4.2 miles……I am trying to find the cheerleader in me to get myself in gear and training the next few weeks.

Mr Loco and I started running together but in different states. He was in Arizona and I was in Michigan. We talked about racing. He started a blog to track his progress. I started one as well but didn’t stick with it. (Mr Loco linked to me in an early post….that link now goes to a different runner’s story) We talked about all aspects of running- what to do with injuries, hydration systems, sport beans (my favorite long run companion), music for playlists (Mr Loco introduced me to Amanda Palmer for the first time by sharing a few albums with me.), pre and post run snacks and just about anything else running related that you can think of. We donated money to each other when one of us was fundraising for a race. We cheered each other on as fellow runners and friends. We dreamed of doing all sorts of races. We would each find interesting races and share with each other. We ended up with a wish list of races we wanted to run.  I would not have become the runner I was without his continued support. Let me share a few of our running stories with you because our running stories are all so happy. They are full of love and support.

I ran a full marathon. (Crazy idea!) I ended up getting a stress fracture around mile 17 or 18. I finished the race slowly. I was ordered off my foot for at three or four days and then to use crutches. It is strange to go from running so much to parked on the couch for days on end. Mr Loco was far away but he kept me entertained for three days straight. He understood why I slept in my race shirt with my medal on that first night. He listened as I dissected the race. He shared every funny site, link, meme, comic, you name it that he could come up with. My stomach hurt from laughing so much. He was an amazing friend.

ImageThe first race we ran together was the Warrior Dash. It was a blast and I highly recommend it to anyone considering. We did the race with friends. Mr Loco just met them in person days before but they got along smashingly. The awesome thing about running a race with Mr Loco was that he stayed by my side the entire time. He held my hand across every finish line we crossed together. He could have easily run ahead of me but that wasn’t an option for him. He was my cheerleader. We climbed over cars, waded through mud, slithered under barbed wire and jumped over fire. It was a fun yet messy accomplishment.Image


We ran the Disneyland Half Marathon together. I had to fundraise to get a spot in this race. I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon earlier in the year so completing this race allowed me to claim the Coast to Coast medal in addition to the Disneyland 1/2 medal. The entire time I wore both medals Mr Loco kept shouting “Who clanks when she walks? THIS GIRL!” He was really proud of me as a Coast to Coast completer and slightly jealous. He REALLY wanted one of those medals. We spent a few days in Disneyland which was loads of fun.

We enjoyed a Turkey Trot race and a St Paddy’s day race together. Nothing says HOLIDAY like going for a run. We ran regularly together. It was nice to have someone running by your side, encouraging you and pushing you to go a little harder. Image

24 weeks pregnant with The Hulk

ImageI ran until my 24th week of pregnancy with Baby Loco. We did the Color Run with a great friend. We had a blast even if I could not run 5K without stopping to pee! We were splashed with color. Our friend clobbered Mr Loco at the end of the race with a green pack of powder. He looked like The Hulk. We had so much fun. It was more work getting all of the powder off than it was running the race.

Mr Loco did a few races towards the end of my pregnancy and shortly after Baby Loco was born. We went to cheer him on.

Phoenix 1/2 Marathon and 10K


Mr Loco was so very disappointed when his ankle was broken while in the hospital which meant no more running. He worked really hard to be able to “run” to keep up with Baby Loco. I will be running for him. I am dedicating my race to his memory. It will be slow. It may be ugly. Baby Loco will be a tag along in the stroller. We will both run for Mr Loco. We always told each other that is wasn’t about competition. It was about completion so you should just run at your happy pace. I will do my best.

This post has me thinking about the few races that we really wanted to do. I found a race being created by The Oatmeal today and Mr Loco would have been planning for this one instantly! I will start with baby steps. My goal this weekend is to get out for a run. I know it is going to be emotional. I plan on digging out one of his running shirts, slapping on my shoes and wearing sunglasses to hide the fact that I may be crying a lot.

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