Three is the Magic Number

I just looked through all of our birth photos. Going from a family of two adults to a family of three with the addition of Baby Loco was amazing. Three is the magic number! Here is the story of The Loco family.

Mr Loco and I talked about when we would start trying to grow our family. We made a game plan and then shifted our timeframe slightly. We decided due to our age that we would just go for it. I went off birth control and we decided to try. Trying is good stuff. In that first month of trying we learned that Mr Loco’s grant funded position was coming to an end sooner than anticipated. We also learned that there was a possible job for Mr Loco back in Phoenix. We talked about the opportunity and decided to go for it. We figured we were not pregnant. We were old. We figured we had months of trying ahead of us. We would move and focus on having a family once we were settled into our new jobs.

We were part of a Books and Brews group that met monthly at local pubs. We swung by a pharmacy and purchased a pregnancy test. We felt like teenagers buying condoms. It was comical. We snuck into the local library. (The one I used to work at once upon a time) I did the traditional “pee on a stick” and we scrambled back to the car to wait. We told ourselves not to get our hopes up. We told each other that it was not likely to happen the first month. We told ourselves that at our age we would likely have to try for a few months at least. We told ourselves trying was fun. We told ourselves that we would focus on moving and come back to this chapter. We finally decided to look at the test.

This is us in the car, moments after finding out.
I took the second test in the pack at home. WE’RE HAVING A BABY!

IT WAS POSITIVE!!!!! Mr Loco gave me the biggest, hardest kiss and hug ever. There were tears in his eyes. There were tears in my eyes. WOW! I was 4.5 weeks pregnant. This. Changed. Everything. We went to Books and Brews and I had a root beer with a positive pregnancy test in my purse.

I could write numerous blog posts about pregnancy, moving across the country, finding the perfect birth center, and how Mr Loco was the most amazing, supportive husband a girl could ask for….I am going to skip right to the hours before Baby Loco arrived.

I guess it all started on Wednesday, October 17th. We found out that our insurance would be changing over on November 1st and the new insurance did not have a working relationship with the birthing center like the insurance we currently had. I was a bit cranky about this change and a bit panicked that this was all happening right before Baby Loco was to arrive. (and by a big cranky, I mean I was 37 weeks and .The insurance representative upon telling us that they did not currently work with Babymoon Inn suggested that I just change my plan and have the baby at the hospital. I have never wanted to scissor kick anyone in the back of the head more than I wanted to kick that woman….anyway, Wednesday, October 17 we stopped by Babymoon Inn to get some paperwork filled out for the insurance company to see if we could work something out. While at the birth center I said “I am just going to push this baby out before November 1st”. Baby Loco apparently took that as a direct order.

A little bit about Babymoon Inn- It is an amazing birth center with three buildings. One is for childbirth education classes and mommy groups, one is for prenatal appointments, and the third is the actual birth sanctuary that has two birthing rooms with tubs and beds, a huge bathroom with a shower big enough for two, a living room and a kitchen. The rooms look like regular bedrooms except they each have giant tubs. All of the medical supplies are tucked away so the feeling is warm and inviting rather than sterile and medical. It is much more relaxing. We chose Babymoon because I wanted to try for a natural child-birth without the pressures of interventions and without loads of talk of my “advanced maternal age”. You are free to move around and eat. I was lucky and got the experience I was hoping for.

Here is the story of Baby Loco’s birth. I wrote this a few weeks after Baby Loco was born.


That night at dinner I was practically falling asleep at the table. Mr Loco told me I didn’t have to go to bed but I had to go get ready and relax. It was not even 8:00pm. I crawled in bed and was asleep instantly. I woke up at 3:00am with a back ache and thought I would maybe sit on the exercise ball for a bit to stretch my back out. I sat up in bed and my waters broke. (I was never more thankful for being over-prepared and having the waterproof liner under my side of the bed!!!) I woke Mr Loco up and I have never seen him move so fast in my life. He popped out of bed and was dressed and had the sheets in the wash before I walked back out of the bathroom. We were excited and nervous. Mr Loco put fresh sheets on the bed and then we went back to bed. Really, we were in contact with the birth center to give them a heads up and then I drank a bunch of water and went back to sleep.

Mr Loco went to work on Thursday morning and I went for a walk to see if I could get things going, as I was not having any contractions We went in for a check around noon and not much was happening. I had 24 hours from the time my waters broke for things to get moving, so back home we went. We ran a few errands, went out to lunch and walked around. Since Baby Loco would be born before Halloween, we bought her a Halloween costume. We went for a 2 mile walk that evening and that seemed to get some contractions going but then they went away. Mr Loco tried to get some sleep and I got up and decided things needed to get going so I walked around the house for about an hour and a half, I bounced on the ball, and I walked some more. trying out a few things that were “supposed” to get labor started. Contractions finally started coming on a regular basis and I thought to myself- these are not so bad. They hurt…..but I can deal with it. I then went to lay down around 2am for an hour before we were to head back in to the birth center for a check at the 24 hour mark from my waters breaking. Contractions got a lot more painful when I changed things up by crawling into bed. Little did I know that they would get even more painful. There is something to be said for not really knowing what you are getting into.

We went to the birth center for a check at 3am.  On the way there I suddenly had the intense need for Lemon Heads. No joke. I gave up HFCS and artificial colors and have not had candy in over 10 months but suddenly I NEEDED Lemon Heads. I made Mr Loco stop in a sketchy part of town in search of candy. OK, I actually made him stop in two sketchy places because the first did not have any. What a good sport to find me Lemon Heads at 3am. We were met by the midwife at the birth center.  I was 4cm. I had the option of staying at the birth center or going back home to labor. We decided to go back home and be a little more comfortable. The doula came with us.  The doula went to a guest room to try to get some sleep. (Obviously we didn’t need her yet)  Mr Loco and I crawled back in the freshly made bed. He was out instantly asleep and I slept in 7 minute increments for 4 hours. We all got up around 7am and ate and chatted while the doula timed contractions. I seemed to have a few contractions really close together and then a little break and then a few close together. I labored on the bed with the assistance of Chuckles. _50
I sat on the ball and I got in the tub. Mr Loco was completely awesome. HE squeezed my hips and rubbed my back- whatever I needed to get through a contraction.

We waited out rush hour and decided to head into the birth center around 11 or 11:30. I wanted to climb up the side of the car during the half hour ride to the birth center. Being strapped in a car is not where you want to be mid-contraction. It never dawned on me to get on my hands and knees in the back seat. I was in the front seat buckled in….you know, because that is the law. I survived and upon arrival found out I was 6cm and we went from the offices to the birth sanctuary. I was the only one laboring on this day so I had my pick of rooms. I chose the one with the giant whirlpool tub that is more than big enough for two.

When you birth at Babymoon you have a midwife. She was beyond awesome and just who we needed. You have an experienced labor and delivery nurse who is trained in labor support.  Everyone was calm and encouraging and had the knack for saying just the right thing and giving just the right suggestion at the right time. I could not have asked for a better team of women to help me through labor.

Then there was Mr Loco. He was amazing. He was my true labor support. Everyone else just sort of fell into the background. He was an awesome cheerleader. He was awesome at keeping me grounded and present when I needed to be. He was there for me every minute. I am sure he was exhausted. We were a team. He kept me calm and focused.

From about noon until 7pm I labored at the birth center. We walked around outside, hung out in the living room, spent time in the shower and in the tub. There was a point where I tried to make a plan to run away from the pain. I was plotting my escape between contractions. I thought if I just ran fast enough, I could get away. Then my logical side kicked back in and I realized I needed to work through my contractions. We were so close. Mr Loco did an amazing job with keeping me breathing. I was able to focus on him as the contractions started one on top of the next. I would just get lost in his eyes and breathe through each contraction. The sucky part (besides the intense pain of course) was that I ended up not keeping anything down. The awesome thing- at every turn someone had a puke bag ready for me.


It was finally time to push. In my head, I pushed for 20 maybe 30 minutes. In actuality, Mr Loco says I pushed for about 1 hour 45 minutes. I guess it is good that my brain played a trick on me. As soon as I started to push I remember thinking that I was already forgetting what labor/contraction pain felt like. I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Now I had this new sensation to focus on and then HELLO- ring of fire!!!!! Holy Hannah. The midwife was great at talking me through how much to push. I could see the excitement on Mr Loco’s face and his encouragement was just what I needed to push through. The midwife was great. She wanted me to touch Baby Loco as she came out. (So I would understand how close she was and push her out) In my mind she was asking me to touch the pain and touching the pain didn’t seem like a good idea. She was firm with me and told me to touch my baby. I listened and it was just what I needed to push her out. There is a hysterical photo of me (not suitable for social media) as I see Baby Loco come out. The shocked/amazed face I am making is priceless. It almost seems staged…..only I would make the most ridiculous face ever upon the birth of our daughter! Afterwards, the midwife was funny- she apologized for being stern with me and hoped that was ok. I told her it was exactly what I needed. I needed her to be stern and tell me what to do. She really was the perfect midwife for me to have for this delivery and she talked me through pushing and I ended up with no tears at all. _83

The Babymoon staff is great. We had loads of skin to skin time with baby and the staff were able to do all the things they need to do with baby on your chest. We did delayed cord clamping. Mr Loco cut the cord. Baby Loco was 7 lbs 9.5 oz and 19.5 inches long. She was born at 8:45pm on Friday, October 19th at 37 weeks 6 days. I found out I had a 48 hour window to deliver Ruby because my waters broke first which isn’t the norm. I was 42 hours in when Baby Loco was born- so we had time to spare!

The staff made us a hot meal. It was the most delicious pizza we ever ate. We ate, got cleaned up and took a nap. I think Mr Loco could have slept all night at Babymoon but I was ready to go home and sleep in our bed. We headed home about 4 hours after Baby Loco was born and I have to say that our bed never felt so good and sleeping on my stomach for a short stint never felt so good.

The nurse called to check on us for the next few days as did the midwife. They ran through everything with us which was really great. It was also great to have direct numbers to call if we had any questions. Our nurse was the most calm and delightful nurse ever. She made me feel so relaxed. Having that level of service after having a baby was wonderful, feeling like they really cared and were invested in our success with breastfeeding and caring for Baby Loco in general was wonderful.

CaterpillarRubyBaby Loco is amazing. We are constantly blown away by the fact that we made this baby. I am doing really well. I lost 30 lbs in 2 weeks. I was feeling great right after. I started walking about a week or so after Baby Loco was born. She is eating like a champ thanks to a few trips to Babymoon for lactation support. Chuckles is adjusting to having a baby. The neighbors are in love and actually jumped up and yelled- The Baby! The Baby! WASH YOUR HANDS! when we brought her out to meet them. Life in general is good. More sleep is always needed but all in all, the three of us are pretty laid back with each other.

That is my long-winded but short version of an amazing 42 hours. Here are a few videos with photos you may enjoy.

It’s Time! Baby Loco come out, come out, where ever you are

Baby Loco Arrives


One thought on “Three is the Magic Number

  1. I love the baby chrysalis picture. I threw up a lot during my first labor – so not fun. It sounds like the overall experience was almost wondrous for you, which is how it should be for everyone.

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