Connecting Via Technology

Mr Loco and I started our relationship connecting from Arizona and Michigan. That is a big ol’ hunk of distance. How did we do it? We were head over heels for each other so that made communication no problem whatsoever. We talked on the phone. We skyped. We facetimed. We emailed. We sent loads of text messages. Mr Loco saved all of our text messages and it was great to read through our early messages. We talked about EVERYTHING. No topic was off limits. Before we kissed for the first time, we knew EVERYTHING about each other.

As I was looking through files, I found where Mr Loco saved all of the photos from those text messages. Technology made it easy and fun to share our day with each other.  There are more photos than you care to see. Like everyone else in the world, we took pictures of our food and there are tons of selfies as we go about our daily tasks.

Here is a peek into how technology helps you feel connected.

not happy about his hat

MAKING A GAME OUT OF IT: There was the time we made a bet with each other over a baseball series. 189The loser had to buy the team hat of the winner and start wearing it. Mr Loco lost our bet and went out to buy his hat. (begrudgingly) This photo is of him on his way home….hat not even broke in. He wanted me to see his disgust for giving up his Diamondbacks hat for my Tigers hat. In response, I sent him a picture of myself happily wearing my Tigers hat. You can obviously see that there is a time difference. We made it work.








137WORKING OUT: We would attempt to do things together or around the same time.235 We were both runners so that was of course something we chatted about a lot. We would try to go for runs around the same time so that we could chat post run. We were planning on doing several races together so finding a way to train together long distance was a fun challenge. Mr Loco kept me on task when it came to running. He trained well and I had to try to keep up.








home from work and relaxing

BEING FLEXIBLE: There was a time change so we had to plan out our days.

still working
still working

I would be at home chilling for the night and Mr Loco would still be at work.  We would schedule times to skype. Mr Loco would often eat dinner while we skyped. We found ways to feel as connected as possible with the distance. We knew distance was difficult for lots of couples. We wanted to do whatever we could to feel connected and give this a shot. It had been building for 18 years. Our relationship would always be worth effort.







dating long distance and still going on dates together

DAILY TASKS: We would run errands at the same time, grocery shop together, we even went to the movies together long distance. We found a movie that was playing at the same time. We texted and sent pics right up until the movie started and then chatted on the phone after the movie.

What's for dinner?
What’s for dinner?


working hard or hardly working










GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE: We got in the habit of ALWAYS taking a selfie. What do you do first thing in the morning- take a picture of yourself and send it via text message to say good morning.125













HUMOR: What do you do when you want to rub it in that your team is winning? Take a selfie of your Tigers shirt. What response do you get?130












on the train
on the train

THE BIG DAY: I took a train to meet Mr Loco in Chicago. He took a plane. We of course needed a few transportation selfies. I remember how giddy I was.

on the plane
on the plane











Here are a few more fun pics that we sent back and forth. There are so many ways to communicate and stay connected today. When we were physically in the same city, our communication habits did not change. We were constantly sending each other pictures when we were apart. We were also sharing links to news stories, funny comics, stupid people stories…you name it. We were always talking. How do you stay connected?

343 001 011 357 059 071 108 084 127 IMG_5174








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