The Proposal

I bought my plane tickets a few weeks ago to head back to Michigan for a visit. Thinking of a heading to the airport and the flight first had me thinking of when Mr Loco and I met with a romantic twist for the first time. Then as my mind wandered, I thought of our engagement and thought that this would be a happy post to balance out some of the sad.

Sunday Pizza Night at Pietros, it would soon become the location of our wedding
Sunday Pizza Night at Pietros, it would soon become the location of our wedding

Mr Loco and I knew things were serious from before that first kiss but his first trip to Michigan involved meeting the moms and making a plan for one of us to move so we could be together, all by day three. We made a timeline and our plan was set. Before the official proposal, which is the story I will tell in this blog, Mr Loco told me he wanted to marry me. (There is actually a silly story around that. I might share it someday.) We were discussing details.

Mr Loco was flying into Detroit for a long weekend. We wished we could have a longer trip together but when you are dating on opposite ends of the country and planning a big move, you take what you can get. I worked a full day. It was really more like I spent an entire day at work watching the clock and counting down the hours until I would hit the road. After work, I had dinner and hung out with friends.  It was FINALLY time! I was off to the airport. I made it with plenty of time. Mr Loco was arriving around midnight. I found a spot in the corner of the airport where Mr Loco would first come out of security.

He texted when he landed. I anxiously watched for his unmistakable walk. In these instances, Mr Loco always came bounding towards me. I loved it. I still like to think about the way it felt as he bounced along, big grin on his face, getting closer to scooping me up in an embrace. I can still feel exactly what those moments of anticipation felt like. This time he broke his hug quicker than normal and got down on one knee. This was the last thing I was expecting. Here we were in the airport, in the middle of the night, with all of the passengers Mr Loco was just on a plane with coming out of security….watching us. I had no sense of that in the moment. In the moment, Mr Loco and I were the only two people in the airport. I was completely caught off guard. I would love to tell you a sweet story of my sweet reply but to be honest, that is not what happened.  I just could not believe that here I was with the perfect man in front of me and I was going to marry him! How does a lady let a gentleman know that she would like to accept his proposal? Classy as ever, I totally dropped the F-bomb over and over. It is a good thing that Mr Loco had a sense of humor. His reply was a quick “Are you going to give me a f***ing answer or leave me here on my knees?” I snapped out of my shock, laughed and said “YES! YES! YES!” He slid the ring on my finger and scooped me up and kissed me. As my feet returned to the ground, I realized that ALL of the people Mr Loco was on the plane with WERE RIGHT THERE and they of course moved with us as we waited for his luggage. I think I was blushing and grinning for the remainder of our time in DTW, the location of the Loco engagement.

As we drove home, I learned that Mr Loco had the ring in the box in a pocket of his cargo pants. He pulled it out to switch it from the aisle side pocket and the women sitting next to him shouted “Is that a ring?” and when he said yes, she had a million questions for him. How was he going to propose? Who was he proposing to? How did we meet? and on and on. He had two ideas for proposals and she convinced him to go with Plan A: Propose in the Airport because she selfishly wanted to see the proposal.

Engagement Weekend- We enjoyed ArtPrize.
Engagement Weekend- We enjoyed ArtPrize

We had a quiet weekend around town. It was an enjoyable Engagement Weekend. We set a date for our wedding: Leap Day. In just two weeks we would start our cross-country adventure as we moved Mr Loco and Chuckles, the naughty pooch to Michigan.

Can you pick out the high school locos? Mr Loco with his arm around the Mrs
Can you pick out the high school locos? Mr Loco with his arm around the Mrs

We were married 5 months later. For those playing the math game at home, that was 18 years from crush to courtship and almost exactly 7 months from first kiss to wedded bliss.


It only took us 18 years!
It only took us 18 years!

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