Memorial Tattoos

I have about a billion ideas for memorial tattoos….ok I have around 20. I thought about what was meaningful to us. I listed. I brainstormed. I thought about placement and in the end I decided to get two of my brilliant ideas to start. I have not gotten a tattoo in Arizona so I had no one I trusted. I was heading back to Michigan so I quickly emailed Carissa to try and get an appointment while I was in Michigan. For those of you in Michigan check her out at The Crux. She has now done four out of my five tattoos.

She squeezed me in for an appointment. It was a 45 minute drive from the beach house to her shop. We were running a little behind so I MAY HAVE been speeding. OK, I was speeding and I totally got a speeding ticket. We still managed to roll into the shop about 4 minutes before my appointment. (That was with me diving out of the car and letting Shannon park and bring Baby Loco with her) Shannon entertained Baby Loco while I got my ink.

So, what did I end up getting?

I got stars on my left foot. There is a little red star for Baby Loco. There is a green star for me. There are several blue stars for Mr Loco. The quote about us all be star stuff really stuck with me, so I found it fitting. The stars make the letter A, which is Mr Loco’s first initial. It is delicate. I love how it fits on my foot. I love the meaning. I just really enjoy it.

2014-07-17 15.39.15

I got a much more personal tattoo on my left wrist. It is in Mr Loco’s handwriting. I absolutely love it and find myself glancing at it often. The note is from a card Mr Loco gave me. We would go back and forth with “I love you more” and “No, I love YOU more”. Mr Loco told me he won this competition hands down.  Now I will forever more have that little note on my wrist.

2014-07-17 15.09.52

I have more ideas and may get more tattoos. Once you get one….there are just so many ideas. I am so glad that I found a way to remember Mr Loco in tattoo form. They really are lovely.

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