Be Excellent To Each Other

Mr Loco loved doing little things to make people’s day brighter. It wasn’t about saving the world or spending a lot of money. It wasn’t about if they “deserved” it or “needed” it. It was just to provide a little ray of sunshine. It made him smile and feel good about the day as well. Out of his love of random acts of kindness and one of his last Facebook updates with the “Be Excellent To Each Other” quote from the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, the Be Excellent To Each Other project was born.

The past few months have been excellent for the Be Excellent Project. I rolled out the idea thinking that it would be my way of honoring Mr Loco in a more formal way. I thought it would be something I would share with Baby Loco. I thought some of our friends and family would follow along and maybe a few would participate. I have been blown away by the response. We have sent out hundreds and hundreds of Be Excellent cards.

Be Excellent Cards
Be Excellent Cards

I had been working on a plan for a Month of Excellence. The idea is that each year Baby Loco and I will take the month of October to do one random act of kindness a day. I picked October because I knew it would be a tough month of grieving and I wanted us to have something positive to focus on. I purchased a little stuffed animal that Mr Loco had on his Amazon Wish List for Baby Loco. Each day the stuffed animal left a note talking about what acts of kindness we would tackle that day. I posted about our act of kindness on the Be Excellent page and it was great to see how a simple act inspired others. It was also fun to see people who were on the receiving end of an act of kindness, join the page and share a story.


We created a basket of goodies for the delivery drivers who come to the house.
We created a basket of goodies for the delivery drivers who come to the house.

Our daily random acts of kindness led up to Day of the Dead and a Be Excellent Party. I invited everyone I knew in town to the party. It was a small turn out but we gathered a lot of donations for two organizations in the city. It felt good to pull some people together and do a great thing together. In my dreams, people would select an organization and start host their own Be Excellent party.

We collected wonderful donations for three charities.
We collected wonderful donations for three charities.

The stories that have been rolling in have been wonderful. People send a private message to the Be Excellent page and I post them. I love reading the wonderful interactions that take place. The page has been inspirational to me and many others. I look forward to reading the messages and I hope that the page continues to grow and more stories are shared. Please share your stories.


Excellent acts of kindness continue.
Excellent acts of kindness continue.

As I look forward to 2015, I hope that the Be Excellent page continues to grow. I hope that people continue to send in messages of the random acts of kindness and kind things they do so they can be shared with everyone. I am looking forward to another month of excellence in October. I am also planning on hosting a Be Excellent Play Date with friends. We will again pick a charity and collect donations. I am looking forward to simple ways to be excellent unfolding each day and taking the opportunity to share the excellence just as Mr Loco would have. This project is a beautiful way to remember an amazing man, a wonderful husband and a great dad. He would be humbled by the many people doing acts of kindness in his memory.

How will you be kind this year? How will you be excellent?

If you would like some Be Excellent cards of your own, please send a private message with your address to the Be Excellent page and cards will be mailed to you.

One thought on “Be Excellent To Each Other

  1. I love reading the messages with the things people have done to be excellent. I find that I’m more on the lookout for things to do, from letting more people into my lane in traffic to giving the teachers generous Christmas gifts even though my girls are in middle school and high school. I’m definitely more aware of how I treat people because I have your project in the back of my mind.

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