Happy 40th Mr Loco

Today would have been Mr Loco’s 40th birthday. I am making a concentrated effort to not focus on what should have been. It is easy to fall down the rabbit hole of would have/could have/should have. Today I am trying to focus on honoring Mr Loco, appreciating every little way he continues to play an important role in our lives, and appreciating the family we created together. Today is about love and celebrating just that, love.

We celebrated him by looking  at our photo albums. Baby Loco loves to look at her “heavy daddy book”. It is a big photo album of pictures of her with her daddy. She is starting to tell stories about her daddy and I love to listen to her as she looks at pictures.

We celebrated him by putting on our Be Excellent To Each Other t-shirts.


We celebrated him by being excellent. We started our day with a play date with friends. I should have snapped a picture of our house full of babies. Mr Loco would have been highly entertained by the happy and not so happy baby noise that filled the house. We combined this play date with a way to Be Excellent and held a food drive. It is such a simple thing but it feels good to gather with all of our favorite baby friends and do something awesome at the same time. One awesome friend brought 40 items because Mr Loco would be 40. She gets bonus points for being awesome and I am happy Baby Loco has such an awesome best buddy. We had Be Excellent cards available for anyone to take and share as they pass on the excellence.


We celebrated him by eating one of his favorite dishes: cinnamon roll waffles. He found the idea on reddit and we tried it that weekend. It worked its way into our breakfast rotation. I think we may have turned a few more people on to the awesomeness that is cinnamon roll waffles.


We celebrated him at swim class tonight. Swim class was Mr Loco’s favorite and something he felt was very important for Baby Loco. I am so happy we have been able to continue with something he really loved. Tonight Baby Loco earned her first swim ribbon. She was so proud. I know Mr Loco would have been pretty excited for Baby Loco.


We celebrated you with pie. Mr Loco loved to have a blueberry pie or some variation of blueberry dessert for his birthday. (blueberry cheesecake, blueberry ice cream, blueberry tart, you name it) Tonight we have a blueberry (his favorite) and strawberry (Baby Loco’s favorite) cream pie. We shared a slice before Baby Loco went to bed and then I took the pie out and our neighbors celebrated Mr Loco too.


We hold tight to traditions. They are one of the connections we have to Mr Loco. They are one way we continue to talk about him and share what a cool guy he was. They are one way he lives on. Traditions are just how we roll.

IMG_7976 (1)

We celebrate Mr Loco with a present for the house. Of course I would rather be buying him a gift and actually give it to him. I would rather him eat a slice of pie. I would rather him nosh on the cinnamon roll waffles but we will try not to go down that rabbit hole today.  I picked a gift that I love and I know he would have loved it. It fits us so much better than all of those other “In this house” signs.  In this house we kick the shit out of option B.



4 thoughts on “Happy 40th Mr Loco

  1. What an awesome day to honor Andy’s memory. I wish he could have been there to do all those amazing things with you.

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