Music for Baby Loco

Exactly two years ago, I wrote a post about all of the love songs that Mr Loco sent me and the ones that I sent him and our “Love Story Playlist”. I cherish that playlist. What I didn’t talk about in that post was that Baby Loco also has a playlist created by Mr Loco.

Her playlist really started before we even knew if we were pregnant or not. We selected her name because several songs kept popping up on shuffle while we were discussing names. When we found out we were having a girl she got a playlist of her very own. Songs were added as they popped up.

Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs is the original song that popped up several times while we were having baby name talks. Baby Loco asks me to sing her this song on a regular basis.

Here are the other songs that either popped up or we added to the list.



Mr Loco and I were both pretty inquisitive people. We looked up and listened to about every version of each of these songs that exist. We had a few interesting finds.

There is even an “Answer Song” to one.

Mr Loco and I LOVED Firefly. The weekend before his accident, we had a snow day weekend. These were days where we just stayed inside and watched tv, played, ate pizza, drank coffee and talked. We watched the entire season of Firefly that weekend. We had real snow days when we lived in Michigan. We gave ourselves self imposed snow days living in Phoenix. We spent that entire weekend lounging in our pjs and drinking coffee while talking late into the night. We also watched Firefly for the I don’t know how many times. Strong female characters, witty banter, and it was funny. We loved it. Anyway, when Baby Loco was first born the Firefly Theme Song was in Mr Loco’s lullaby rotation. He didn’t sing things like The Itsy Bitsy Spider. He sang the songs he loved. He also played this for Baby Loco on the guitar. She was always mesmerized.

Another song that Mr Loco sang to Baby Loco and also played for her on the guitar was Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Different lines of the song bring tears to my eyes and I imagine they always will. I have strong visuals of Mr Loco bouncing around the play room with Baby Loco singing in the most gentle voice. There are so many things that made me fall in love with him over and over and more and more. This is one of them.

Mr Loco and I were big fans of the original Scooby Doo we grew up watching. Why? Those rascally kids always solved the mystery. The answer wasn’t “A ghost did it”. It was always a cranky person in a costume trying to cover up their crime. It was the message that you should not just believe something you don’t understand. You should figure things out. You should be logical and think. Yes, we do own all of the original scooby doo episodes. Hopefully Baby Loco will love it as much as we did. Anyway, we liked to dance around the house to this version of the theme song.

We were a family of three. Three was the magic number. It was also another throw back to our childhood. School House Rocks was a favorite. Baby Loco has several of our favorites on the list.

Most of the time I can’t listen to You Are My Sunshine without ugly crying. Here is the version we picked for Baby Loco’s playlist. It makes me happier than other versions.

As I mentioned, Mr Loco did not sing traditional songs to Baby Loco. If he tried to, he sounded like a cheesy lounge singer. It was really funny to hear him sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Here is another song that was one of his favorites. They Might Be Giants rock.


Mr Loco and I were also fans of The A.V. Club. We spent many a Saturday morning making breakfast and listening. You should add it to your subscribe list. This was a bit of a mantra for us- “I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down.”

This is totally about rocking a baby to sleep….right?

Mr Loco had this book on his iPad and he liked to share it with Baby Loco.

This song reminds me so much of Mr Loco and it reminds me of the two of us in high school and it is just happy memories tangled up in the lyrics. This is definitely a bounce around and dance song for us.


The first music Baby Loco listened to EVER was Ben Folds. Mr Loco and I were huge fans. He sang this to her.

I was talking to another mom about last names. She was contemplating changing hers and taking some power for her little family with that name change. When this song popped up on the list, I giggled and thought if we had to pick a new name we would be The Champions. That’s right, The Champions of the World!


I will stop spamming you with songs from Baby Loco’s playlist. There are things like this that I am so happy we pulled together. Of course I wish we had done more but I think Baby Loco has lots of gifts from her Daddy. This playlist is just one of them.

Music tells a story. The words tell the story of the person who wrote it and then it goes out to the world. Music tells the story of different times in your life. A song can bring back such vivid memories. It can remind you of small 3 minute and 27 seconds of bliss. It can remind you of dance parties and loved ones. It can remind you of singing off key together and just being in love. Music is like a scrapbook of memories. I am glad we have this one.

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