Birthday Love

Just a short birthday note:

Today is Mr Loco’s birthday. He would have been 41 today. I would have spent the day giving him a hard time about being older than me…you know, for the next 3 months. I would have also secured a blueberry pie. Instead, we spent the day traveling. We are back to our old stomping grounds in Michigan, back to where Mr Loco and I met as teenagers.

So much is the same but so much is different.

We landed at the airport. Mr Loco and I spent lots of time watching planes take off and land more than two decades ago. The airport is now under construction and I am fairly certain the places we watched planes no longer exist. We hung out at this airport the night before I left for undergrad, lounging on the hood of his car and listening for planes. I guess airports are just special. We met up at the airport in Chicago to start our crazy adventure from forever friends to romantic relationship. He proposed in the airport in Detroit.

The coffee shop where we would grab a hot beverage in high school and chat the night away has closed. We went there a lot as a newlywed couple. There was something very pleasing about going to the same place we hung out at 18 years earlier. Another restaurant sign hangs in its place. I am glad that last year I took Baby Loco and got her a hot chocolate at the place that held lots of happy memories for her mom and dad.

We drove past our old high school. It has also closed. I also drove by our old houses. More changes.

Three birthdays without Mr Loco and that time has been so full of change and I know more change is on the horizon. Baby Loco was just 16 months old when Mr Loco died. Baby Loco has gone from baby to little girl. I often think about how much he would love watching 3.5 year old Baby Loco. I wonder if he would see himself in her like I do. She is an empathetic, kind and thoughtful kid. I imagine he would be as amazed with this incredible little human as I am. She is slightly confused this year about it being Mr Loco’s birthday but him not being here to celebrate. She loves and misses her daddy.

Happy Birthday, Mr Loco. You are very much still missed and very much still loved.

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Do something kind for someone. Be Excellent. Eat a piece of blueberry pie and think of Mr Loco.

Mrs Loco

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