Time Keeps Passing

Time keeps on ticking by. The world keeps spinning. We keep walking around the sun. Nothing stops for grief. At first I was majorly offended by this idea. There I was a recent widow and people were going about their lives. Facebook was my proof. They were posting about the most trivial things. They were … More Time Keeps Passing

In Memory

I have a short list of things I would like to do in memory of Mr Loco. A few items on that list include planting a tree, a park bench, something at the zoo and something in Hawaii where we honeymooned. Sometimes things happen that spur you into action. Well, circumstances fell into place and it … More In Memory

The Big Money

When your body starts doing weird, scary and painful things, paying for care is the last thing on your mind. Or at least it was for me – I was more concerned with actually getting treatment, which was difficult enough. It’s not that I didn’t think about it at all – at $100 for emergency … More The Big Money

Best I Can

When I had my first EMG test, my neurologist looked at the initial results and remarked, “this is bad, very bad.” I had no conduction below the knees, and very slow conduction along my ulnar nerve, which controls the pinky finger. 

What’s your damage?

I went to the neurology office Thursday morning for the nerve conduction test that I mentioned in the previous post. To make a long story short, the neurologist and his assistant zapped my legs and arms with low current electricity and measured the time it took to travel through my nervous system.  

So what now?

I’ve been home from rehab for a little over a month. The current state of my condition is that I have some parasthesia and reduced dexterity in my hands as well as neuropathy and nearly complete paralysis of my ankles & toes.