Before and After

I have so many ideas that pop into my mind but the moment isn’t right to sit down and write. Can I think of any of those topics again when I have a sleeping child? NEVER. The topics I end up writing about are the ones that pop up again and again and I basically … More Before and After

Father’s Day

Fathers are celebrated today. I know so many amazing fathers: high-fives to you. Thank you for being there for your children. I hope your day was full and that you made great memories. Hug your dads! Take photos with your children. Tell them that you love them. Hug them extra tight for me. I do … More Father’s Day

Run Mrs Loco, Run

This morning I ran in a race for the first time without Mr Loco by my side. We enjoyed running together. Running was time to unwind and chat. We connected through running. We had fun running together. We liked to dream of vacations as we made¬†a list of races we wanted to tackle. There are … More Run Mrs Loco, Run

The Great Outdoors

Mr Loco and I had a love for being outdoors. He spent his summers as a teen at camp in Vermont. I think that cemented his love of hiking, canoeing and all things outdoors. I spent my sixth grade year at an environmental school hiking, camping, skiing and spending loads of time in the woods. … More The Great Outdoors

Hello Baby Loco

Hello Baby Loco, My name is ________, and I was lucky enough to meet your dad Mr Loco around the same time you did. You were born into a neighborhood that is pretty special. Everyone that moves into this neighborhood has an opportunity to become part of the ______ St Family. Luckily for us, your … More Hello Baby Loco