5th Anniversary

5 years. 1826 days. This morning I pulled on my 98% Chimp t-shirt while thinking of Mr Loco. I drove Mr Loco’s bright blue SUV to Starbucks for breakfast because Mr Loco liked his caffeine. We were two peas in a pod- we needed some focus in a cup. I bought an order for someone … More 5th Anniversary

Donate Life

  Mr. Loco was most excellent. He would do anything he could to help someone out. He wasn’t put out by it. It was just how he was. Kind. Helpful. Thoughtful. He was also a big fan of random acts of kindness. He loved to buy coffee for the people behind him in line or … More Donate Life

Rough Spots

I always knew that I would have to have the conversation about Mr Loco dying numerous times over the course of Baby Loco growing up. I knew she would be going through the stages of grief over the course of her childhood. I have been very honest with Baby Loco. I have explained what I … More Rough Spots

In Memory

I have a short list of things I would like to do in memory of Mr Loco. A few items on that list include planting a tree, a park bench, something at the zoo and something in Hawaii where we honeymooned. Sometimes things happen that spur you into action. Well, circumstances fell into place and it … More In Memory

Run Mrs Loco, Run

This morning I ran in a race for the first time without Mr Loco by my side. We enjoyed running together. Running was time to unwind and chat. We connected through running. We had fun running together. We liked to dream of vacations as we made a list of races we wanted to tackle. There are … More Run Mrs Loco, Run