Wedding Perfection: The Loco Edition

Our wedding was perfect. Perfect for us. Most people dream of elaborate weddings with loads of flowers, a dress full of lace, and a fine dining experience. They want to invite EVERYONE they know to celebrate them. There are centerpieces and photo booths. There are flower girls and wedding bands. Photographers. Videographers. Caterers. Clergymen. Wedding … More Wedding Perfection: The Loco Edition

Gifts from Daddy

Baby Loco and her daddy had a very special bond. She had spent days with him in the hospital ((37 days averaging 10-12 hours each day) and they spent loads of time together after work and on weekends. They both loved spending time with each other- at the children’s museum, walking out front in the … More Gifts from Daddy

Spooky Six

I’m not blogging to myself anymore; I’ve amassed a loyal band of readers that number somewhere in the single digits. Mid-to-low single digits. So, I will no longer address my nonexistent readers. I’ve also decided to limit myself to weekly blogging because (a) I don’t have time for much more than that, (b) that’s been … More Spooky Six

Running for Shoes

I waited until after nine o’clock pm last night to go for my run so that it would count for the Shoes Challenge. It was the final run for week seven of One Hour Runner, so I loaded up my hydration belt with water, sports drink and sport beans. The moon was full and accented … More Running for Shoes